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128 Days to Spare? Ride Around South America.


    Definitely for the well-heeled rider is this 128 day motorcycle circumnavigation of South America but with all that time on the road you are going to see most of the highlights of the southern continent. Be forewarned though – it isn’t going to be cheap. If you are renting a bike for those 128 days in the saddle (although it might be less expensive to buy one in Santiago – the start and finish of the tour) the cost for a single rider is going to be $51,630US – which doesn’t include tips, flights and fuel or108 dinners.

    Obviously this is one of those instances if you have to ask “how much?” you can’t really afford to go. On the plus side, a support vehicle  and a ride leader are part of the package along with an completely planned route that includes 5 days on an Amazon river ferry.The tour is offered by Compass Expeditions, a company that specializes in long and elaborate motorcycle tours including one from London to the east coast of Russia with has a difficulty level of 5  (out of five) and includes a section they refer to as the “Highway of Death” …. but it is a lot better than it use to be. Reassuring.

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