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2018 Harley-Davidson Models

    When do you determine that a sea change has taken place? Well this might just be one such change at Harley-Davidson with the release of the 2018 models. A few years back the Rushmore Project changes to the touring models were significant. Last year the release of the Milwaukee-Eight marked a significant moment. I suppose you could even argue that the arrival of the Street models was an important milestone although perhaps more for other markets than North America. All these could however be viewed as progressions. Increasing market share with the Streets, increasing performance and rideabilty with the new motor. But for 2018, the dropping of the Dyna line-up  to be replaced by a revised stable on a new Softail platform … that is historic. We’ll look further into the historic change with the the upcoming issue but for now we will just stand back and gape at two of the new iteration of old names – the Fat Boy and Fat Bob. Wow


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