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2021 Kawasaki Z H2 SE – Tech Abounds!

    You might think the most interesting features on the $23,099 supercharged 2021 Kawasaki Z H2 SE are the new Brembo Stylema monobloc brake calipers with steel braided lines or the addition of the Showa Skyhook suspension and perhaps you would be correct. But on the other hand…. 

    The H2 bikes, for good reason, are some of the most rider aided bikes you can buy. Take a deep breath and follow along as we list the things a computer will keep a capacitor or two on as you ride…electronic cruise control, electronic throttle valves (controlling air and fuel), launch control mode (minimizing wheel spin and front wheel lift), power modes (four levels), quick shifter (ECU cuts ignition to allow for clutchless shifting), cornering management function, traction control (including considering lean in corners), standard ABS, IMU-enhanced chassis orientation awareness, intelligent ABS, electronic suspension control, a TFT screen providing not only speed, revs, gear, and range but also various temperatures and level of boost, smartphone connectivity (make bike changes via your phone or recap what you did on your ride) and an ECO riding mode indicator to confirm if the 197-horsepower, 998cc supercharged engine is actually emitting a claimed 139g/km level of CO2.

    The H2 series of bikes could never have come about without computer controlled manufacturing, CAD drawings and the crunching of numbers. It only follows that a computer is required to make the most of the motorcycle’s possibilities.


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