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2022 BMW R 1250 R

2022 BMW R 1250 R

Category: Sport / Standard

R1250R Price in Canada: $17625


Engine: Boxer Twin

Displacement (cc): 1254

Torque (Nm): 143

Drive: Shaft

Weight (kg): 239 (wet)

Seat (mm): 820


Nothing else feels like a big liquid-cooled boxer engine in this its smallest and lightest iteration. It is visceral, deceptively fast with plenty of character. The challenge is at this displacement level there are many challengers, including from BMW themselves, with different engine configurations that feel distinctly different. To enjoy this bike, you need to know you want the character that comes with a big boxer motor.

What BMW SAYS: The new R 1250 R is designed for a more dynamic appearance. This is mainly due to the all-new Boxer engine – with a maximum torque of 143 Nm, the reworked engine delivers more power than ever before. Here, the variable camshaft control BMW ShiftCam is the innovative technology that offers you the optimum performance in every engine speed range. During relaxed cruising or a sporty tour, you experience the pure thrill of riding and the typical punch of the Boxer engine at all times. 

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