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2022 BMW R 1250 RS

2022 BMW R 1250 RS

Category: Sport / Tour

R1250R Price in Canada: $18195

MSRP CHANGE FROM 2021 : $195

Engine: Boxer Twin

Displacement (cc): 1254

Torque (Nm): 143

Drive: Shaft

Weight (kg): 243 (wet)

Seat (mm): 820


See the comments for the R1250R because the same factors apply.  BMW calls the RS a sport touring bike but the R 1250 RT fills that category better. We would be more inclined to put the RS more into the sport side of the segment. Again, this bike is for those that appreciate the character of the engine.

WHAT BMW SAYS: Each tour is determined by two factors: the time and the distance. With the new BMW R 1250 RS you can get more track out of every tour. The rich 143 Nm torque and 100 kW (136 hp) of the new boxer engine accelerate you even faster to your cruising speed. The innovative BMW ShiftCam technology offers you more torque and impressive elasticity over the entire speed range. So you can rocket to an impressive sprint on the asphalt in every riding situation. The redesigned front gives the full-LED headlight a fresh, sporty look and turns aerodynamically into the wind.


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