#278 The Colour of Thanksgiving

When unseasonably warm weather hangs around deep into the fall, Nancy Irwin makes the most of the opportunity.

Thanksgiving weekend was amazing here in Toronto. Unseasonably warm weather meant every biker was out on main roads and back roads waving happily at one another, flying above the blacktop in the rich autumn colours. No one knew how long this blissful weather would hold and were making the most of it while it did.
As for myself, there were two forests I really wanted to visit that weekend. So on an 8C Saturday morning I headed south dressed in silk, wool longjohns, lined leather pants and chaps. And that was just my lower half. (It was cold enough that I’d be feeling it on the highway.) My heated handgrips were covered in Pogies, (oversize mittens that fit over the handlebars) which allow me to wear flexible summer gloves in winter. But by the time I got to the US border and was rolling along on New York state Highway 219, the sun had already made a difference.