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A bird. A plane. A Slingshot. An autocycle?


    The Elio – claimed to achieve a sensible 84 mpg (US) getting a little help from it’s flashier friends.

    In an interesting development  that involves two of the machines featured in the April issue, Polaris with its Slingshot is getting behind Elio Motors and their car-ish three-wheeler. While the Slingshot is all about fun the Elio is all about being sensible (if not “unfun” specifically) and getting close to 84 mpg (US) –  in spirit two diametrically opposed vehicles but they do have three wheels in common and three wheels are a gray area when it comes to classification. So in Kansas a bill has been put forward that sort of makes for another category between cars and motorcycles – the autocycle. The idea is that that drivers of an autocycle cycle would need neither a helmet or a motorcycle license to operate the vehicle. If the bill is successful and the idea spreads it would make things a lot simpler for both companies and other three wheeled vehicles. In Canada the Slingshot faces different requirements in different provinces but did benefited in Quebec from the existence of the Can-Am Spyder and vehicles like the T-Rex.

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