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Abarth XSR900 – European Flare

    Abarth and Company is a European high performance shop based in Turin, Italy and is famous for racecars and high performance automobiles.  The company has a long and storied history going back to 1949 in racing, rally and hillclimbing. In Canada the company would be most recognizable for the Abarth version of the Fiat 500 but their history includes many other significant automobiles and would be somewhat comparable to the Shelby brand in North America. While now own by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles,  Abarth took on the motorcycle world with a limited edition 2017 European model Yamaha XSR900. A fairing, seat cowl, low clip-ons, unique paint scheme and Akrapovic exhaust are some of the changes from the stock XSR900. Would this rank as our favourite version of the XSR900? It is a very interpretation of the bike that has proven a favourite of custom shops.

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