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Apple Car? How About a Motorcycle?

    applecarApple of iPod, iPhone, iTunes etc fame has said they are targeting 2019 for getting an iCar (?) on the road. They say they have the expertise in software, batteries, design to get the job done.  Hey Apple, how about a motorcycle? A car in four years -how about a motorcycle in three? There are far fewer moving parts.

    Google has also been talking electric cars. And the there always seem to be “self-driving”  component. If by “self driving” they mean some computer will be keeping an electrode or ten  open for motorcyclists while the humans are talking of their cell phones, I am all for it. But please no ‘self-riding” motorcycles, that just wouldn’t do. The internet, of course, has a few prototype Apple cars designed already. Above is my favourite. At least is has a little character.  Is this what a iMotorcycle would also look like? There have been a few reported attempts but neither seem totally successful.MacbikeMacSaddlebags

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