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Aprilia Canada and the Six 2022 Models: One Really Stands Out

Aprilia may seem a little obscure in Canada compared to the company’s popularity in Europe but the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, a division of the much larger Piaggio Group, does offer several models for sale in Canada. They do in fact, sell what has to be one of the most intriguing new models for 2022. With that in mind, why don’t we list their models in terms of interest, significance and desirability? Yes, some of these will be a factor of subjective personal preference but also the result of other models available in the same segment from other companies.

Number 1:  Tuareg 660

Aprilia Canada and the Tuareg 660 black white and green studio shotConsidering Aprilia’s recent successes have all been on pavement, why are we picking the Tuareg 660 as the most significant model? Pretty simple really. The Tuareg is more big dual sport than adventure bike and the bike’s middleweight displacement and parallel twin engine make it very unique. In fact we would argue that the only truly similar model would be Yamaha’s Tenere 700. Yes, KTM offers something along the same lines but the Aprilia provides real world dirt road usefulness for a broader audience. The big dual sport was once a big thing but Honda and Suzuki last updated their offerings sometime in the 1990s and Kawasaki’s KLR650 is a different beast built for a similar but more cost effective purpose. The next step up in power takes you firmly into Adventure territory.

Here we are going to let Aprilia have a blurb about the Tuareg 660:

Technical, essential, dynamic and proudly Italian, the Tuareg 660 doesn’t accept the bar set by others, but pushes you to take on new challenges and find the perfect trajectory on which to confront them, precisely where there is no grip. Your reward? All the sensations and thrills sought from riding a motorcycle, in any context. 

Now all that don’t make a lot of sense (challenging bars where there is no grip???) but it sounds exciting.

The 2022 Tuareg sell in Canada for $14595

Number 2: RS 660 and Tuono 660

aprilia canada rs660 in green studio shotWhat two models at number 2? Yes. The RS 660 and the Tuono 660 share the same engine 659 cc parallel twin engine producing 100hp. Both weigh within nudging distance of 400lbs. The RS 660 costs $13995 in Canada, the Tuono 660 goes for $12995 in base and $13795 in “Factory” trim. Both are faired sport bikes and both come with an admirable suite of rider aids and technology. The RS has slightly lower handlebars. So you get a lightweight sport bike with slightly varying degrees of comports and a styling that is similar but not quite the same. The choice is going to come down to personal preference. The styling of each is quite fresh. What does make the bikes unique at the price is the suite of rider aids. The price is quite competitive to other offerings in the segment.

Aprilia Canada and the Tuono 660 in black and red studio shot

Aprilia Canada has this to say about the RS 660:

The future respects the traditions of the House of Noale which has long been renowned for its innovation and distinctive character. With its sporty personality and stunning contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings the winning Aprilia track experience to the road. Its unique design shapes a lightweight, compact bike with sleek, agile volumes. Delivering stability at high speeds, it is all about creating a fun, pleasurable riding experience. Colour options include the brand-new Acid Gold that further highlights the design and young, dynamic personality of this bike.

Number 3: Tuono V4

Aprilia Canada tuono v4 grey studio shot$18,995 for the base Tuono V4 with its 175hp V4 engine is a unique offering in the sport bike segment. You can spend another $3000 for the “Factory” version of the Tuono V4 with several upgrades but the base will likely provide the same amount of excitement for less money. The sleek bike is an Italian V4 which on its own is enough to get many enthusiast excited. But here is the extra incentive – unlike some offerings in this limited segment, Aprilia has attempted to make the Tuono V4 comfortable for longer rides with an improved saddle, higher bars and better ergonomics.

About the bike Aprilia Canada says:

The Tuono V4 features all the characteristics you would expect of a sporty road bike, making it perfect for short trips and long adventures. The raised handlebar and a more protective fairing are designed to ensure greater comfort, while passengers haven’t been forgotten either, with a comfy new pillion and lower foot pegs. Add a pair of side panniers and the Tuono V4 is ready to accompany you to new horizons in style and comfort.

So there you go – a very sporty touring option.

Number 4: RSV 4

aprilia canada rsv4 black studio shotWhat the heck? Some would consider this the most interesting bike by far. Why is it ranked just above the scooter? The confusion may be understandable if you are only contemplating a very focused purpose for your motorcycle. The RSV 4 subtracts the comfort of the Tuono V4 and adds track performance in two variations – and the track is where you would need to go to appreciate the extras. Oddly enough, considering the rarefied performance we are talking about here, of all the bikes in Aprilia’s stable, the RSV 4 really faced the toughest completion from other manufacturers bikes. The base bike comes in at $20995 and the “factory” at $27495.

Aprilia makes no apologies for the focused purpose of the RSV 4:

The RSV4 is much more than a pair of wheels and a powerful engine. The culmination of an ambitious project undertaken by the Aprilia Racing Division and adopting the very best available technology, it features integrated aerodynamic winglets, improved aerodynamic efficiency, 217 horsepower and more torque than ever, all seamlessly combined on the signature Aprilia chassis. This is a true masterpiece that is destined to send your pulse racing the moment you set your eyes on it and will have you whooping with exhilaration every time you touch the throttle.

When a company starts talking about winglets the price goes up as the does the level of skill required to tap the advantages of winglets. A bike for the focused few and if you are going to challenge in this segment, it is going to be a tough slog.

The Other Number:

Aprilia Canada also sells one scooter model in Canada, the SR 50 MT, which the company claims has a “motard soul on a sport scooter”. It costs $2745.


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