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Audi to Ducati : We Still Love You

    name that beakAmid all the speculation that Volkswagen was going to have to unload some assets to pay for the emissions scandal that saw the company facing fines around the world that were reaching into the billions, the idea was floated that Ducati owned by Volkswagen division Audi  would be worth somewhere around the $1,000,000,000 mark (it looks so much bigger with all the zeroes).  Sell off the Italian motorcycle icon and add the profits to the punitive pool. Several bidders were said to be in the running for the red-hued brand, while some came and some left, but there appeared to be genuine interest in the marque. It seems for a price the profitable company would be a good fit for another manufacturer with deep pockets and the need for an instant icon in the motorcycle world.

    Sorry to disappoint but Ducati won’t be on the block after all. Volkswagen and we assume Audi have decided that the profits and prestige of the Italian marque along with their other Italian arm, Lamborghini,  will be staying in the Audi fold. BMW has BMW Motorrad (as well as Mini and Rolls Royce) proving that having a cool motorcycle brand in the portfolio makes any car manufacturer look good.

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