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BMW : 2016


BMW RnineT Scrambler
A variation of BMW’s RnineT roadster and technically an early arriving 2017 model, the Scrambler is equipped with a 110-hp air/oil-cooled 1170cc boxer twin. It is fitted with high-mount exhaust and a 19-inch front wheel straddled by forks with gaiters. The saddle area can be reconfigured for two-up riding or for the solo look. The handlebars have been raised higher than the RnineT’s, and the pegs are set a bit farther back.


S1000XR.02.16The 160-hp S1000XR “adventure sport” bike is derived from the S1000R roadster but with more travel features such as luggage. The standard and optional electronic systems include variable power mode selection, traction and stability control, long-travel on-the-fly suspension adjustment, and ABS. The bike is built around a light aluminum frame.


BMW F700/800GS
BMW-F700_800.01.16BMW’s F700GS and F800GS have been visually refined for model year 2016 and also given newly designed two-colour seats with five possible seat heights. Both models feature a liquid-cooled four-valve 798cc, engine paired with fuel injection and six-speed gearbox. The F700GS variant has a factory-spec output of 75 hp while the F800GS produces 85 hp.


BMW-F800R.01.16The F800R is the latest roadster to feature BMW’s new liquid-cooled four-valve 798cc parallel twin. Radial mount brakes, options such as stability control and electronic suspension adjustment support the 90-hp boxer engine. An upside-down fork now takes care of front suspension duties, and combines with new handlebars and rider foot pegs.


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