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BMW Group Develops Hipster “Augmented Vision” Glasses

    augmented vision glasses The MINI arm of the BMW Group has gone to hipster steampunk styling for their new “augmented vision” concept glasses. Yes it is one of the car arms of the company but it is not a stretch to see these glasses that have the look of old time riding goggles come to the Motorrad division. What do they do (besides make you look as though you are about to set sail in a hot air balloon) is project relevant information into your field of view including speed and augmented vision glassesnavigation aids. Need a parking spot. The goggles will help. Need to keep your eyes on the road while checking your speed or revs – the goggles will help. There is also a feature that allows for x-ray vision. Don’t get excited – the only thing the goggles looks through is the car as they allow the driver to “see through” blind spots. Wearing the goggles outside the car will give the wearer walking directions and help when trying to remember where they parked.

    “Augmented vision” possibly coming to a motorcycle near you and you will look a lot cooler than this fellow:

    augmented vision glasses

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