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Additional Photos : Simplicity and Style – Issue #361

There wasn’t room for every picture in the magazine.

Below are additional photos not included in the story about the beautiful boardtracker custom which was on the cover of Canadian Biker Issue #361. Spefically included are detail shots that didn’t make the print issue – and we all know details count!

As an insight into how we go about our cover shot selection, it was a surprise to I didn’t go with the winged helmet photo for the cover. It is a great shot and even though I have a penchant for good detail pictures for our covers, I still like the image to clearly indicated that the close-up is part of a motorcycle. The helmet shot didn’t quite manage that feat. And so we went with the bar end and mirror with the tire in the background. I think it worked out well.

The complete story about the bike and other photos can be found in the magazine.

Photos by John Campbell




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