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Canadian Biker – August 2014 – Harley-Davidson LiveWire

The August 2014 issue of Canadian Biker has been mailed to sucscribers with the Harley-Davidson LiveWire concept on the cover.

August 2014 Canadian Biker motorcycle magazine Harley Live Wire on the cover

Canadian Biker – August 2014

The Live Wire Concept Bike

On the cover of Canadian Biker this issue is the Harley-Davidson that has probably caused the most vigorous discussion about the Motor Company – both for and against – since the inception of the company. Yes there was a little heated debate when the V-Rod and its liquid cooled motor first debuted, there was some discussion back in the 1970’s with the appearance of a 250cc dual-sport with Harley badging and as for Buell (let’s all bow our heads for a moment), well Buell motorcycles were never badged as Harley-Davidson so that discussion sort of took place on the side. But LiveWire seems to have a lot of people talking – which is one of the reasons we think the project exists. We take an in-depth look into what we believe LiveWire represents in the big scheme of things. Is Harley really going to sell an electric bike? Why, when and how?

Testing the Suzuki GW 250 and Honda’s CTX 1300

Elsewhere in Canadian Biker this issue we test Suzuki’s big, little bike ,the GW 250. Just because you don’t have the displacement doesn’t mean that you can’t carry yourself well. Speaking of big displacement we also ride Honda’s new CTX1300. Forget everything you thought you new about the cruiser style benchmarks as Honda attempts to shift the paradigm away from the traditional approach.

The Travel Story – Carmanah Valley

Our touring story in the issue is a ride into the Carmanah Valley of Vancouver Island aboard a dualsport and well, not a dualsport. But in the world of motorcycles in not always what you ride on the journey it is that you are riding something. We also follow a father aboard his custom bike on a journey from Calgary to the US Air Force National Museum as a tribute to the son who helped him build it.

Enjoy the August 2015 issue of Canadian Biker!

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