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Canadian Biker – June 2016 – Honda Africa Twin


The June 2016 issue of Canadian Biker is now available with the Honda Africa Twin on the cover.

Canadian Biker motorcycle magazine print June 2016 Honda Africa Twin on the cover

On the cover is the bike that many enthusiasts have been waiting to ride, the 2016 Honda Africa Twin. There were many places the Honda Africa Twin could have been launched in Canada but  we were lucky to get on the descendant of a legend on Vancouver Island to see if the bike lives up to all that Africa rally history.

Instead of sand dunes, this Africa Twin rides into the forest and hills, through bogs and over logs.  Also on tap in the issue is a look at one of the other bikes that has taken a sudden turn for the dirt – the Ducati Multistrada Enduro. Can the maker of high end sport bikes make  inroads offroad? We start by getting it really dirty. You don’t hear that about a Ducati often. If this wasn’t a press launch there may have been a disclaimer about that very prospect.



The Kawasaki Zombie Bike

Speaking of offroad – just say you were being chased by zombies. It happens all the time on tv. What if you can’t get your hands on a Africa Twin, a BMW GS or maybe even a Ducati Enduro? What if the only thing you have to work with is an old Kawasaki sportbike? Knobby tires, ammo cases and zombie defense measures. Check, check and check – meet the KawaZombie, one  man’s escape strategy.



Beyond that there is more dirt with a very interesting kit for the Honda CB500X that puts the X in bold print. We have a custom VMax that proves just  how far you can take the idea. We ponder whether the Ducati Sixty2 really is for the hipster youth and we take a very long and meandering journey through the wilds of the Yukon and British Columbia. All that and more…

Ducati Sixty2




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