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Ducati Reveals a Banana Seat?


    We said we were going to follow this to the end and thankfully in just a few weeks time that moment will arrive as the exercise is straining our ability to understand esoteric imagery. We have seen backward flowing traffic, ballet slippers, hands dipped in oil, vinyl records and rugby balls among many other things. Maybe it will end like John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany where all the seemingly disparate events come together in a stunning – yet it all makes sense – conclusion. As  nobody in Ducati’s  new teaser video This is Style  turned on the overhead lights during filming details are hard to fathom. It looks like Ducati has added a banana seat to a Monster tank to create a new model.  But that probably isn’t right. There is only one video left in this series so soon we will know what this banana-like seated machine will look like with the lights on (we have all heard of worries along those lines  that at some point). Check the teaser out for yourself here.

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