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Recent stories and news from the world of the electric motorcycle … and various other electric contraptions.

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Tarform Electric Art – A Museum Piece (Issue #358)

The Hydrogen Motorcycle: The Alternative Alternative (Issue #357)

Electric Impressionism – The Beautiful Elettracker (Issue #356)

BMW CE 04 – New Style, New Words (Issue #355)

Scooter Nation – eMobility Gets A Different Look (Issue #355)

Light Bike, Heavy Price – Novus One (Issue #354)

LiveWire Rebrand – After All That Effort! (Issue #354)

Eric Buell – Those Guys Aren’t Me (Issue #354)

Triumph TE-1 : Electric Motorcycle in Progress (Issue #353)

Living Electric – Day to Day on the LiveWire

469 Eletric Horsepower from Yamaha (Issue #353)

The EV and The Solid State Battery

Bespoke Electric Motorcycle – The Curtiss One (Issue #352)

Science and Salt: Electric Land Speed Records (Issue #351)

Polaris and Zero – Wasn’t Polaris Already There? (Issue #350)

The New Plan? Sell Them an  Electric Bike First (Issue #349)

The Iron Will of Dr Leeming (Issue #349)

The Electric Gamble – Harley-Davidson LiveWire Review (Issue #344)

Fuell From Buell : Never Say Die (Issue #343)

Zero Dressed Upas a Nine (Issue #343)

10 Electric Motorcycles to Charge You Up

Was Buell Harley-Davidson’s EV1 Moment? (Issue #340)


Solid State Batteries To Go

As we discus in Canadian Biker Issue #358, the Gogoro battery system provides one of the best platforms for the success electric two-wheeled vehicles. The swappable battery technology dominates the…

Race Proven Electric

Yamaha, often at the forefront of engine development, will be providing electric motors to Subaru STI. What is STI? It is the skunkworks at Subaru. The Subarubian version of Mercedes’…

The CAKE Recipe

We couldn’t leave this one out. The Cake Ösa is the Swedish Swiss army knife of electric motorcycles. The Swedish company straight-up acknowledges electric motorcycles are best used in urban…

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