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Eric Buell – Those Guys Aren’t Me

It’s Fuell not Buell – Sort of …

Earlier this year Erik Buell made an announcement to clarify he is no longer affiliated with any company currently operating as Buell Motorcycles. As we reported two issues ago a new company has emerged claiming it will reintroduce Buell-branded motorcycles with styling similar to models built by the original Buell factory when it operated as a division of Harley-Davidson. Though the upstart company bears his name, Erik Buell separates himself from that firm’s activities and operations. 

fuell electric motorcycle from the side studio shot - electric motorcycle canada fuel electric motorcycle concept from above - electric motorcycle canada

What Erik Buell most definitely does claim as his own is Fuell, a company he co-founded that designs both electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. The bicycle has some interesting specs including a range of 200 kilometres and a top speed of 45 kmh. The electric motorcycle is apparently still under development—few details have been released beyond its factory-spec urban range of 240 kilometres, a fast charge time of 30 minutes and 50 litres of internal storage. The bike is said to be modular to allow for easy upgrade of various components including perhaps the rear wheel mounted motor. 

 What may be the most interesting feature is the current price tag of US $10,995 (converted, CDN $13,278) for the Buell. So now that Harley is spinning off its electric bikes to the LiveWire brand and Erik Buell is building electric bikes with Fuell maybe they can get together … no, no, no… we’ve been down that road before.

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