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Light Bike, Heavy Price

Straddling an already vague line between electric bicycles and e-motorcycles, the Novus One adds to the confusion while simultaneously calling upon an Higher Authority.

You have to appreciate the hyperbole that comes standard with the announcement of a new electric motorcycle. For example, the Novus One. We will talk about the other aspects of the machine in a moment but first let’s look at the power modes that can be controlled through an app on your phone (of course they can). The first two drive modes are Base with power limited to 7kw and speed to 80 kmh and Super with a 12kw limit and top speed of 95 kmh. So far that sounds reasonable. But there is a third mode that goes by the name of “God” and sets no power limit but has a top speed of 120 kmh. That’s quite a claim but looking elsewhere in the information about the electric motorcycle God would be limited to a peak motor power of 30kw.

Novus calls the machine a motorcycle but it definitely straddles the line between big electric bicycle and motorcycle although 130 kmh on a bicycle would be a challenge. However, the engineering is quite spectacular. The entire frame is one carbon fibre unit weighing only 6.9 kg and is connected via carbon fibre swingarm and carbon fibre forks to two carbon fibre wheels, the rear of which houses the bike’s electric drive motor. The entire unit weighs a svelte  75 kg and has a range of 130 km in the city—which would be its natural home.

The bicycle-like elements continue with an integrated head shock as seen on offerings from Cannondale and a very small front brake rotor again reminiscent of something from the velo world. The maximum payload is 125 kg so the One does appear to be a one-person ride. The company claims the bike easily surpasses comparable 125cc ICE motorcycles. 

With all those references to carbon fibre earlier, you would be right to assume the Novus One isn’t going to come cheap. Novus says the One is “More than a motorcycle. It’s a piece of art on wheels” and that it is “only limited by creativity.” As with any Next Big Thing it seems, the Novus is available through a reservation system. There have been changing prototypes but the current Novus One is the founder’s edition and costs approximately $45,000—but you can cancel your reservation at any time.

The company was founded in 2019 by Rene Renger, an industrial designer who had previously worked for Volkswagen.


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