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eRR – BMW’s Electric Superbike

    BMW eRR electric concept motorcycle  Without getting all experimental for the sake of being experimental and understanding that when you have a good thing use it  (or if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), BMW unveiled a concept electric motorcycle, the eRR,  that uses the S1000RR chassis and design but rather than a fire breathing (and if you want to get picky, emission producing) 199hp inline four the new machine utilizes an all electric drive. Details and specs on the new eRR concept are to be released at a later date  but the company states that initial acceleration up to 50kph should exceed that of the S1000RR. In other words, it should be pretty quick.

    BMW has a corporate brand already has several electric automobiles on the road including the i3 and the i8.

    BMW eRR electric concept motorcycleBMW eRR electric concept motorcycle

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