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From Exhaust Pipes to Cocktail Shakers

    yamaha wonder coating Case in point: proving that trickle down technology from the motorcycle industry benefits non-motorcyclists.  Yamaha will be showcasing a surface treatment technology at the fascinatingly named  O&S International Trade Fair for Surface Treatments & Coatings (get your tickets now!) held in Stuttgart, Germany. The wonder coating is called SixONy which in  English is a silicon oxynitride  ceramics film amorphous structure of the nano film several tens of nanometers thick. Okay perhaps that isn’t quite as explanatory as one might hope. However, it is an extremely thin coating that is resistant to heat up to 700 C while being resistant to corrosion and  barrier to oxygen, water and chlorine . Best of all SixONy is transparent and comes in different colours including gold, blue and peach (if that strikes your fancy). Yamaha has been using this wonder coating on the exhaust pipes of the MT-09 bikes (the FZ-09  sixony_pic_MT09line in Canada). While the world waits to embrace this new Yamaha technology one company has been making cocktail shakers coated in the product. Shaken or stirred and uncorroded.

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