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2017 Grom 125 : Not so fast ….

    2017_Grom_RedIronically Honda and its little Grom have said ‘not so fast” to the announcement of Kawasaki’s Z125. Not willing to give up its spot at the bottom of the displacement food chain, the Grom has just been updated for 2017 with an “edgier” look that includes a new seat, LED headlight array, and underslung exhaust. No one could argue that the styling changes aren’t subtle but they do give the Grom a more street appearance. Happily the “Grom” nameplate has been reduced in size as who really knew what the heck that meant anyway. There is no word on whether the Canadian MSRP will be changing from the existing bike’s $3399.

    We can only hope that the Groms we will eventually see are one or both of the two concepts that were unveiled last year – the Cafe and the Scrambler. Less plastic, more fantastic….


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