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Harley’s Streetfighter Get a Name and a Few Numbers

    The Bronx Rises

    When Harley-Davidson jumps back into the sport bike world it will be aboard a Harley-Davidson Bronx. Beyond the nomenclature we don’t know too much about the specifics of the machine as those  still mums-the-word, but power will be generated via in a new liquid cooled v-twin engine with a 975cc displacement called the Revolution Max. The Max will also come in a 1250cc size for the Pan America adventure bike. HP in the 975cc variant is 114 and torque, 70 ft-lbs. The bike is set for a release in late 2020.


    The Bronx Cheer

    The Bronx disappeared from the Harley-Davidson website under the “Future Vehicles” tab. It appears to have been a casualty of the new Hardwire Plan that sees the company focusing on premium cruisers, the ADV segment with the release of the Pan America and finally the electric segment which company press releases say will remain a forefront venture and on in which Harley-Davidson plans to remain a leading company. The Bronx seemed to us to hav been a usual future tool in the Harley-Davidson stable if the desire to reach new riders and customers is a priority. If there is any suggestion as to why the Bronx received the chop it may be the historical challenges the brand saw in the sport bike segment when it owned Buell. Whereas at the dealership level the trend toward Harley riders being open to ADV machines was obvious there was alway less clear that traditional Harley riders wanted to move toward a sport bike option.

    We said when we rode the LiveWire that a great option for farther distances, and a lower price, would have been gas engine in a very similar chassis. The Bronx would have been such an option without being a repeat of the Buell approach to development.


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