Hereditary Beaks – Suzuki’s Design?

    If you have ever wondered where the current trend of  ADV bikes proudly sporting “beaks” originated, Suzuki claims that the first stylistic probobiscus appeared on the  legendary DR-BIG 750,  a  monster of a machine that arrived in 1988 with  serious dualsport credentials including a massive single cylinder engine, extensive bodywork and that now famous protruding beak. The DR-BIG was a striking machine and was  ADV before ADV was cool. The Suzuki proved that big is sometimes better. In a nod to good breeding, Suzuki has added that same beakish nose to the V-Strom 650 in a move that gave the 2017 medium sized  Strom a family resemblance to the V-Strom 1000 (as we all “knows”  a good nose runs in a family). Even the new V-Strom 250 will sport a beak of its own should that smaller  offering be made available in Canada somewhere down the road.

Rumours have surfaced in the last several months of a new and improved DR-BIG – and not just 750 or 800cc big but up over the 1000cc mark. The V-Strom is arguably Suzuki’s most popular offering but a machine in the company’s line-up with a nod to more serious off-road ability in the vein of say the Africa Twin would be appreciated by some.

In a tribute to beaks and noses here are just a couple more contemporary examples to evaluate your bird spotting skills.

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