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Honda Bulldog Concept : a big ruckus or an advanced ranger?


    Honda Bulldog concept.


    Honda has just released images of their new concept bike – the Bulldog. The more you look at the machine the more that name seems to make sense. Tough, burly and a face like a bulldog – that is to say not the sleekest profile you may ever have laid your eyes upon. We took one look at the Bulldog and the first word that popped into our heads wasn’t “ruckus” it was “rokon”.


    Ruckus – “Now I know what I want to be when I grow up!”

    Attach a chain drive to that front wheel, delete the suspension and bob’s your uncle – you have yourself a 400cc Rokon Ranger-style so anywhere, go over anything machine. Coincidentally enough the Rokon Ranger is also Honda powered and has two feature that Honda’s concept Bulldog does not appear to – a pull start and the ability to act as a flotation device!


    The original two wheel drive , two wheeled, buoyant atv.



    In the event of a water landing, grab handlebars. Thar’ she floats.


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