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2022 Husqvarna Norden 901 – It’s Different

    Norden 901 2022

    Norden 901 2022

    While the underpinning may be sourced back to parent KTM’s bikes, what Husqvarna has excelled at in its on-road offerings is setting their bike far, far, far apart from just about everything else on the road. The Norden 901 follows that trend but it more than a styling excercise.

    Norden 901 2022Husqvarna has provided finished details of the new 2022 Norden 901 which was revealed as a concept at the 2019 EICMA show and required two years of gestation to hatch fully formed – although few changes seem readily apparent over the concept bike. The  wait seems to have been worth it . The crucial details about the new  bike include the 899cc parallel twin pushing out 105hp which should be enough to power the 204kg  (dry) bike. Add the full tank of gas and the bikes will weigh in at near 500lbs.With that tank full, the range is stated to be about 400km. All good so far. Some of the details are expected: the transmission is a 6 speed, final drive is chain and the seat height is 34inches. Common ADV numbers. The suspension at both ends is supplied by WP – the offroad specialists . The ABS is switchable and operates differently in the three riding modes: Road, Rain and Offroad. The front wheel is a 21 incher and the rear an 18 inch and set up for tubeless tires. So leaning more towards the adventurous side of the ADV segment. (Husqvarna took pains in the initial media releases to show illustrate the bike is capable of some pretty severe offroad adventures by bashing the bike across Iceland.) There is the now almost required electronic aids including ride by wire, a lean sensitive IMU and methods of connecting your phone to the TFT screen.

    The Norden 901 and Its Price

    Norden 901 2022The biggest surprise regarding the Norden 901 is likely the price as it is listed as being $15,199 in Canada. At 899cc the Norden finds itself an interesting spot. The higher end on the middleweight segment. The most obvious competition is going to be the BMW 850GS at $15,100 and the Triumph Tiger  900 Rally that starts at $17,500. Both these bikes offer less horsepower than the Norden. Some might also look at the Yamaha Tenere with its smaller 689cc motor and smaller price tag of $12,399. The 2020 base Africa Twin would have been an interesting comparison but Honda for 2021 concentrated on the A/S version of the bike which is markedly more expensive. The most interesting comparison may be with the parent company KTM’s Adventure 890 and Adventure 890 R. The mechanicals are going to be very similar but the Norden slips in between above the more street oriented (for a KTM ADV bike) 890 at $14,0999 and the more aggressive 890 R (the top end 890 R Rally is way more money)which as a 2021 model is priced at the same $15,199. The big difference between the KTM and the Husqvarna is the styling and that might just make for an easy decision for some.

    Norden 901 2022



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