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Husqvarna Rolling – Looking Back on a Good Year

    husqvarna 701

    After years of uncertainty and numerous ownership changes, it seems that Husqvarna Motorcycles has finally been able to gain serious traction as the company has just announced the second straight year of record sales growth. What has been the stimulus of this growth for the yellow and blue company? Some might claim it is the orange takeover but that is only part of the equation. The resources of KTM have strengthened the offerings of Husqvarna but the key is the ability to sell those offerings. The North American market has been a big part of the equation as the number of dealers has increase by 20% in the last year leading to a 62% sales growth in North America which now amounts to over a quarter of all Husqvarnas sold. The other key to their growth has been getting off the dirt and onto the street with both new dual sport and super moto machines. That transition is going to go even further with the introduction of the Vitpilen 701, a very unusual street only bike that may arrive in showrooms around 2018.


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