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It’s Only $61,200 – 2018 H2R ….. Arrrrrrrrr!

    Have you felt that there is something missing from your garage? Something kind of fancy? Something that you can’t ride on the street but could ride up and down the driveway? Something with no room for your significant other should she or he want a tour of said driveway? Good news! What is arguably one of the most exclusive and exotic motorcycle built by any of the major manufacturers is now available for pre-order should you require a 2018 edition for your collection. From September 1 to November 30 Kawasaki will be taking orders for the 2018 H2R- supercharger and all the required goodies. All you need is a $10,000 deposit to get your bike sometime in 2018.

    Now they will also take a pre-order for the H2 and H2 Carbon which will set you back $31,000 and $34,600 respectively and do have the benefit of the legality to ride to your local Tim’s for a cup of Joe.

    Visit your local Kawasaki dealer or the Kawasaki website should your need for speed be thus. To be fair, your could trailer the H2R to your local racetrack should your driveway lack the required length to get the H2R our of 1st gear.

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