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Join Craig Vetter for Some Fuel Miserly Fun

    VetterGoldWingCraig Vetter of Windjammer fame has promoted fuel efficiency in motorcycles going back to the 1980’s. On July 12 you can join him and other high mileage enthusiasts at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days for the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge, a 77 mile run to test the efficiency of your motorcycle.

    Be forewarned the competition is fierce and ranges from the professional to the backyard, taped together streamliner. The 2014 winner achieved almost 182 mpg or 1.57 cents a mile equivalency. An electric motorcycle was humming along at 1.38 cents per miles equivalence before running out of charge short of the finish line.

    More information can be discovered at While the Vetter equipped Gold Wing above would have been comfortable and illustrates the early commercial success of his aerodynamic ideals, it wouldn’t have won the challenge.

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