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Kawasaki’s Electric Prototype – Just an Idea

    Kawasaki has long had the idea of entering the electric bike market and at EICMA, company motorcycle division president unveiled a new prototype machine that looked quite traditional in its sport bike livery meaning it will likely appear as an e-Ninja and then be followed up by a naked e-Z20, being that the output of the electric motor is claimed to be 20kW for acceleration and 10kW for cruising.

    The bike is said to accomplish Kawasaki’s mission of “Rideology” which we assume has something to with being an enthusiast machine rather than a utility tool. To that end there is good news. The electric offering, if it comes to market, will feature a clutch and possibly a four speed transmission. It’s a chunky machine with a weight of 219kgs but that’s the bulge around the middle that a battery will bring to the picture.  The range, as it stands now, is about 100km which puts it in a similar ballpark of other electric bikes. It all could be moot point as Kawasaki emphasized that the are just tinkering with the possibilities and there is no plan to bring an electric bike to market in the near future.


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