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Licence and Registration : BRP Spyder F3-P


    Based on the new F3 platform, BRP has officially released a police version of the Spyder. The Spyder has previously taken part in various police vehicle testing programs showing itself well in several of the required criteria.

    According to the press release from BRP:

    Along with its unique Y-frame configuration and array of sophisticated safety and security systems, the Spyder F3-P adds a layer of convenience with its police accessories such as a siren, LED emergency lights and increased cargo capacity, wired with 12V and USB connectors. Officers can also customize their bike’s fit for their size, stature and riding style with the F3 model’s industry-exclusive UFIT system of adjustable foot peg positions and alternative handlebars.

    Power comes from the 1330 ACE engine transmitting power to the rear wheel via a 6 speed transmission.

    See it in action!

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