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LiveWire Del Mar – Following the One

    With the LiveWire Del Mar, Harley-Davidson is doing its best to stay ahead of the curve and the wave of electric bikes that is supposedly coming from all the big traditional motorcycle OEMs – although to be blunt, there really isn’t much sign of that happening and certainly not to the extent that it is occurring in the automobile world. Being first can pay benefits if the others have to pay catch-up – if they ever do. There is still an underlining doubt about what the electric motorcycle should be and if one fuel source can really serve all purposes.

    The LiveWire Del Mar debuted as the second bike in the LiveWire line-up after the LiveWire One. There is little details available beyond the price of the first bikes offered which are, as seem de rigour in the electric world, a limited First Edition run. Going for $17,995 (USD), the run has already sold out . That is not as impressive as it sounds as there were only 100 bikes up for offer and, as is also apparently almost standard for the electric bike scene, the claims on the new bikes have been staked with a minimal deposit. Delivery of the LiveWire Del Mar is not set to occur until some time in 2023.

    When the standard version of the LiveWire Del Mar is available there have been suggestions the price will be somewhere in the vicinity of $15,000 (USD). We are noting all the prices in greenbacks because there is yet to be any indication of when the bikes will be coming back to Canada. And we say “back” because the original LiveWire was in Canada when branded a Harley-Davidson. The specs are also slim pickings with the range of the new ride yet to be announced although it does seem that the power will be plentiful for its urban environment.




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