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More Glimpses – 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R

    2016 kawasaki zx-10r

    Kawasaki has joined other manufacturers in providing snippets of information regarding their upcoming 2016 product. Last year Kawasaki stunned with the H2 and the H2R but don’t expect the same level of wow factor with the ZX-10R as Kawasaki themselves admit in their press release that the new bike is not a “clean sheet” design as the existing ZX-10R serves as the platform for “getting closer” to the “thoroughbred machines” that power Kawasaki’s WSBK aspirations.  Of the 2016 bike the company states:

     With the new model we have focused our development resources on an overall engineering and performance improvement. We are proud of the result; it means a significant advance in terms of both chassis and engine performance as well as providing the platform to introduce new, state of the art rider aids and other technology.

    So that being said an upgrade of the suspension and braking system and a redesigned fairing are going to be part of the equation when the bike is shown to the world in October.

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