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New Rubber Choice – Pirelli Scorpion

    Pirelli Scorpion Rally

    When Ducati decided that they wanted to throw a more robust Multistrada into the market they gave the world the Multistrada Enduro. It has the requisite bash plate, wire spoke wheels and hand guards but all that is going to not get you far without the right kind of rubber. Now Multistradas have been without a aggressive offroad tires before but to be fair the bike until now was never intended to have rocks bashed up against its under regions. Pirelli has just announced that the Pirelli Scorpion Rally will be offered as an option on the Multistrada while the stock offering will be the less aggressive Trail II. But if you want knobbies for your big Ducky the Rally tires are said to offer better traction and tear resistance off road while still allowing for less wear on the pavement. In unusual language Pirelli puts it all like this:

    Guaranteeing a vertical rigidity, the structural characteristics of the carcass ply work together in reinforcing elements for the tires bead, providing a balance between the carcass and the tread, which is softer itself due to the knobs. The end results create a well-balance tire that has reliable performance and is capable of providing comfort on asphalt, despite its knobby tread pattern.

    It would be just too easy to go after that last paragraph – so we won’t.

    Pirelli Scorpion Rally

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