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Not in Canada – Kawasaki models

    Not in Canada – Kawasaki

    kawasaki w800 cafe styleYou can’t miss what you aren’t aware of so why don’t we give you a few motorcycles to miss from Kawasaki? On tap for Europeans is the W800 and the W800 Cafe Style. These two machines hearken back to the days when Canada did in fact have the Kawasaki interpretation of the Bonneville, the W650. It like the Drifter were interesting- and quite detailed – homages to bygone motorcycles. Little did we know at the time that both the Indian brand and the Bonneville would be back in full force. For something completely different how about the Z300?

    kawsaki z300 mini street fighter

    In Canada we have the Ninja 300 but elsewhere in the word there is a naked platform of the same machine called the Z300. It has an aggressive look and to our eye is more unique in comparison to it’s competition in the naked, streetfighter category. Canada is scheduled for the Duke 390 so that machine will have to suffice as your raging street fighter of choice in the light weight category. kawasaki z800 street fighterEurope also has a Z800 middleweight that the Canadian market does not receive. We have the great Z1000 so perhaps the difference in price between the two does not warrant bringing two such closely displaced models to Canada. For those who like their dualsport of the small displacement variety, there is also a street legal KLX125 and 150.


    kawasaki klx 125 mini dualsport

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