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Polaris’ Latest Purchase – Snow Motorcycles!


    Snow Motorcycle added to the fleet. It seems as though there is no genre that Polaris won’t pursue. What does Polaris currently manufacture? It is a long list (take a breath) – snowmobiles, atvs, SxS, Indian Motorcycles, Victory motorcycles, Slingshots, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles…let’s stop there before adding a track and ski system for offroad motorcycles. The company has just announced the  purchase of Timbersled ( ) which is an Idaho company that build kits to turn your motocross bike into a snow thrashing, slope carving thrill machine. To be fair it does fit well with the company’s other snow vehicles. There is no word if Polaris will build a track kit for the Victory Vegas for those who prefer their winter activities cruiser-style.

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