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Freaky Fish T-Shirt : Friday the 13th, Port Dover


    Go get this year’s t-shirt as they are ready to go as indicated by the official PD13 website. It may well have been circled on your calendar for the past year but tomorrow,  Friday 13th, is happening  in Port Dover, Ontario.  It is most certainly one of the events that puts Canada on the motorcycle map as the one day event claims title to the largest single day motorcycle event in the world.  Peak estimates have had  the turnout at Port Dover in the range of 140,000 when the 13th falls in a month with sunshine and good weather or perhaps a couple 100 when it rolls around in January. The weather in Port Dover is expected to be sunny with a chance of showers on Friday so if you are up to it join thousands and thousands (almost guaranteed to be somewhere between 100 and 140,000) of other motorcyclist at this most Canadian of motorcycle events complete with music, costumes, charities and a lot of people having a great time. It might be two years before you are going to get a warm and sunny Friday the 13th as the next assuredly warm month looks to be July 13, 2018.

    The Friday the 13th in Port Dover website is

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