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Race Ready from the Dealer – Harley-Davidson XG750R

    As American Flat Track is edging independents out of the premier race class in a bid to make the race series “MotoGP-ish” and supposedly more packageable to tv outlets, there is some good news for all the racers that won’t be in the big money, team class. Harley-Davidson has announced that the company will be selling race-prepped XG750R at selected US dealers for a price of $35,999 (US$). These bike’s can be run in the Production Twins class and should a rider have success, Harley-Davidson has committed a $250,000 contingency fund. Score a win on a XG750R at an AFT event and $7500 (US$) comes your way. Win the championship and there is a $25,000 (US$) bonus.
    Supplies of the bike are limited.

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