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Salt of The Earth … Not Looking Good

    salt flats

    The AMA has announced that due to the condition of the salt environs, including the presence of standing water,  on the Bonneville Salt Flats it is cancelling the 2015 AMA Land Speed Grand Championship that was to have taken place from August 29 to September 3. The press release states:
    “We have assessed the conditions, and we are unable to sustain the minimum standards for a premier event. It’s been an extremely difficult decision to make, and one we have not taken lightly. Our dedicated team has put in countless hours to evaluate the options for course layouts, the quality of the course, pit locations, salt flats on/off accessibility, course volume sustainability, and the impact on salt flats resources.”
    The Southern California Timing Association had previously cancelled Speed Week due to the poor condition on the salt flats. SCTA is holding events as usual on the El Mirage dry lake bed but Speed Week in Bonneville was their premier event.

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