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Springfield Gets the Custom Treatment

    Indian SpringfieldNo sooner had Indian Motorcycle unveiled the new Indian Springfield model – convertible bagger with quick release windshield and saddlebags that spits the difference between straight up cruiser and touring bike, than the bike was joined by a custom version built by Azzkikr Customs. In marketing speak, the company states that the Springfield (named for the birthplace of Indian Motorcycles)

    Indian Springfield

    “wasn’t designed to fill a space in our lineup; it was built to fill a space in the hearts of riders who value the rich heritage and fine craftsmanship of Indian Motorcycle, and who want both a pure touring bike and a sleek urban cruiser,the Springfield’s unmatched versatility will win the hearts of motorcycling purists around the world.” All that said it kind of fits between Chief Vintage and the Chief Classic models without stepping on the Chieftain’s kickstand.

    But getting back to the custom bike, the Azzkikr offering

    Indian Springfield Custom

    Indian Springfield Customdoesn’t seem to have too much in common with its namesake bike but it certainly has a some interesting features in a unique melding of retro elements including the leaf front end, wide bars and jockey shifter. The current trend for baggers is acknowledged with the 26 inch front wheel and the rear air suspension that allows the bike to ride lower than stock settings. A nice touch is the disc brakes hidden behind black covers. Power is supplied by Indian’s ThunderStroke111.

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