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Star Venture TC – A Sight For Sore Eyes

    Yamaha Star Venture TC

    It has been a long in coming and we have to admit to being very excited that it is finally here. It has been a very long time since one of the Japanese manufacturers released an all-new dressed touring cruiser. The last significant step in that direction was at the beginning of this decade when Kawasaki rolled out the Vaquero. Yamaha has just upped the ante with an all-new Star Venture which gets aggressive new looks and several  features that will make the ride more comfortable. But sticking to the basics, the heart and soul of the new machine is the tried and true air cooled 1854 v-twin. Along with some internal tweaking of the engine the new Venture get Yamaha’s chip-controlled throttle – the first application in a cruiser. Elsewhere there is what has become a segment must have, a large seven inch infotainment unit for audio, info and gps graces the dash. To make the big bike manageable at low speed an electric drive motor will move the bike forward and backward to aid in parking. That is all fine and dandy but ultimately it is great to have a new bike in the segment.

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