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“Stella! Stella! You seen where I parked my bike?”


    That line must have been cut from the most famous scene in A Streetcar Named Desire when Brando in the guise of Stanley Kowalski hollers up from the street desperate to get his motorcycle out of the rain … or something along those lines. From an actor forever linked to motorcycles from a single role in The Wild One, Brando’s Harley-Davidson is going on auction in Los Angeles through Julien’s Auctions amid various other pieces of celebrity memorabilia. Past bikes like Jerry Lee “Great Balls of Fire” Lewis’s Harley and Buddy Holly’s ride have gone for around $400,000 US$. So buy Brando’s bike, give it to a friend, they couldn’t refuse a gift like that or perhaps put it in a show ‘n shine – it could be a contender. There are probaby a few more references to include but we have run out of them – whatta you got? In the quote attributed to Brando in the the release from the auction house the actor said of riding around New York City back in the day “It was wonderful on summer nights to cruise around the city at one, two, three a.m. wearing jeans and a just a t-shirt with a girl on the seat behind me. If I didn’t start out with one, I’d find one.” What? A girl or a motorcycle?

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