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Subliminal Messages? The new Monster 1200R

    2016 Monster 1200R160 hp is what you will get if you wander into a Ducati dealer looking for the biggest, baddest monster lurking in the closest, the Monster 1200R. The pumped up naked bike was unveiled this week at Volkswagen Group Night in Frankfurt. The bike of course comes with the upgraded “R” version of the Testrastretta engine, a revised chassis said to make the bike more enjoyable on the track and a newly designed tail piece reminiscent of the sportbike family to ensure everyone passed on the track knows you’re serious. If you are really, really serious and a power enthusiast you might be interested in a few other machines unveiled the same night as the Volkswagen Group consists of among other brands Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti and Bentley. We all occasionally need a car to get groceries and a few pieces of lumber.

    The Monster 1200R Video

    Here is Ducati’s video for the new Monster 1200R. Is that suppose to be subliminal messaging?  The girl we get (sort of …. is she washing her bike on a hot day?)  but ice, flames, diving, flowers? …. Over our heads.

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