Fastest Honda …… Ever

Honda S-Dream Streamliner - Fastest Honda Vehicle Ever.
Honda S-Dream Streamliner – Fastest Honda Vehicle Ever.

Powered by a 660cc Honda motor, the Honda Streamliner S-Dream set anew FIA world record of 261.875 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats for a vehicle in its class and became the world’s fasted Honda vehicle ever beating a mark that was set in 2006. The new effort by the Honda team began in 2015 and culminated in one attempt at Bonneville Speed Week which did not result in a record but the team returned shortly after and had runs at speeds up to 266mph before setting the official new record. The S-Dream was piloted by former Japan motorcycle champion Hikaru Miyagi.

Triumph Threatens “Something Big”

BigTTriumph has released a teaser video of the new Bonneville. Word of the upgraded new “old” Bonneville has been around for a considerable time. Some may argue that it is past time to drag this iconic motorcycle into the future with modern technology and performance but turning a classic bike into a modern classic bike has its challenges but Triumph only has to look at Ducati’s own Scrambler to see that it can be done. The ending does imply it is more than just the Bonneville proper that will be hit with something. See the teaser here . Is that Steve McQueen in there ….. again?

The “big” hits October 28.