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That’s Different – GS Trophy Switches Saddles to the F850GS

    Perhaps it was ho-hum seeing the R1200GS tackle every log, rock, river, mud bog, dirt track, windswept no-man’s land and jungle thicket with relative aplomb. The bike could pretty much tackle everything that was thrown at it in the previous versions of the GS Trophy leading some to believe it was going to be predictable. Albeit seeing what those teams and individual rider’s had to endure to be crowned the winning team, predictable it most certainly wasn’t.

    To make things different, BMW has announced that the 2020 GS Trophy which will be taking place in New Zealand will feature teams aboard the F850GS.  We don’t think it is going to make the course easier, we might go so far to say it might lead to the coarse being even harder. The F850GS is a smaller, lighter machine which will tempt organizers to route the teams through even more challenging terrain and challenging special tests.

    It is all about being hard and that is what it will be. Three new teams will be saddling up for the competition in 2020 and the global women’s teams will also be back in action.

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