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These are stories of interest that have come out of the archives and don’t quite fit into any of our regular categories. Think of them as in a “grab bag” of random motorcycle thoughts with the occasional good suggestion mixed in – a permanent or perhaps only temporary file while we try to find a sensible home for them.

Ride in the Name of the Law : Police Motorcycle Testing

To Hone or Not to Hone : BMW Airhead

BMW Airhead Valve Replacement – The Really Hard Way

A Brief History and Definition of Horsepower

Legend of the Unstealable Bike 

Forced Air Induction : More Power To Burn

Stretch Your Dollar with a Used Motorcycle

More Horsepower … Please!

Hydrogen Engines: Saving the Future of Internal Combustion

Bimota KB4 : An Italian With a Japanese Engine

Pistons : A Big Boring Story

Timing is Everything!

Going Forward by Looking Backward

In Praise of Cheap Tools

First Cut is the …. Shallowest? Windshield Modification

Rise of Micro Machines

Face Meet Dirt – Off-Road Training

Not The Best Way to Store Your Motorcycle

Pound Salt – Red Cup Racing in Bonneville

Requiem for a Cruiser : Victory Motorcycle and the Short Goodbye

Fast Forward to Big Changes

Check That Oil

Motorcycle Parts : Stocking the Basics

Honda Fury: A Radical Production

Recreating a 30 Year Old Cover

Primary Drive : It Needs a Little Love

To Reassemble, Reverse the Process .. Yeah Right

Optimism: Becoming a Harley-Davidson Dealer

Touring Motorcycles : The Ones That Paid the Bills

Farewell To You Old Friend – Selling The KLR

A Rare Jewel : Biota Tesi H2

Harley-Davidson : The Plan Before the Plan

Pikes Peak Thoughts

The Numbers Game : Triumph Rocket 3 TFC

Motorcycles as A Solution – The Future of Transportation

Robert Persig’s Motorcycle from Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Moto Guzzi Mandello – Historic Changes

Moto Guzzi Hits 100 Years

Triumph Motocross – Why Do Something Like That?

Slammed! Custom Gold Wing

best looking triumph motorcycle ver in the desert sunset

Best Looking Triumph Motorcycle Ever?

Rapid Roland’s Renovated Racer

The State of Horsepower

Tips to Prevent Bike Theft

Two Wheel Sunday – A Calgary Motorcycle Festival

Wheelies Motorcycle and A Thing or Two About Shovelheads

10 Electric Bikes to Charge You Up

The Erik Buell Sessions

Scout’s Honour

Touring With  A Trailer

Popkum Off-Road Park

Yamaha FZ-07 vs FZ-09 vs MT-07 vs MT-09 … What’s with the names?

Before the H2 – A Supercharged Kawasaki Z1000

Steve McQueens Heir Apparent

Roland Sand’s Wild and Wee Monkey

Steve Drane Called to the Hall

Tips to Prevent a Bike Theft

The Lotto List – An Imaginary Bike Collection



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