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Popkum Motor Park-Offroad the Fraser Valley

Popkum Motor Park – Chilliwack, BC

When it reopened in spring of 2013, an extensive renovation made an all-weather, all-skill-levels motosport park in the Fraser Valley one of the hottest playgrounds in British Columbia.

Last July, Popkum Motor Park unveiled a $1 million redesign that has transformed the facility into one of the most unique off-road properties in the province of British Columbia. Located near the city of Chilliwack in BC’s Fraser Valley, the overhauled park caters to the ORV needs of amateurs, families and pro-level motocross racers with infrastructure ranging from a minibike track designed for kids with machines under 80cc, to a large motocross track with multiple tables, elevation changes, rhythm sections, whoops, step-downs and a special “Step-Up to Heaven” section. 

Popkum Motor Park marketing and promotions coordinator Scott Ponuick says motorists transiting through the Fraser Valley on Highway One can easily spot the big motocross facility. “You can’t help but notice the track from [the highway],” he says. “We are right beside it which is excellent for access and visibility. We have a 100-foot table that runs right along the highway, so when you hit it, you’re probably in third or fourth gear and you’re flying over this jump right beside vehicles passing the park. It’s fun for the rider obviously, but even more entertaining for people driving along the highway.” 

Constructed of crushed rock and screened soil that enables both good drainage and excellent traction, the track further benefits from an onsite operation that can crush rocks to a half-inch diameter while new soil and sand are added as required to create loamy dirt conditions. The design goal of the park was to create a fun, safe, all-weather facility for off-road enthusiasts of all skill levels, but in the event of an accident safety management features include a perimeter road built around the entire park to allow emergency vehicles direct access.

Popkum Motor Park - Chilliwack, BC
Popkum Motor Park – Chilliwack, BC

For the more competitive-minded, an automated MYLAPS timing system will be installed this year, allowing users to track their lap times and their development as riders. “We will also offer transponders for purchase or rental,” said Ponuick. “[Plus] we are planning on having a TV at the facility so we can generate a lap timer board. That way friends can come in and say ‘Hey, I was half a second faster than you!’ Basically it allows for bragging rights and a little fun.”

A crushed rock road called the “family loop runs around the circumference of the park and is intended for beginners or families just wanting to try off-road riding. “The family loop is great because it’s not too challenging, it’s wide, safe and anyone can do it,” said Ponuick. “It’s a great way to get people out there and get comfortable with riding and is great for those who are not so much into riding a motocross track.”

Yard work:  A phenomenal amount of work has gone into the regeneration of Popkum Motor Park near Chilliwack, BC. Included is an off-road track designed for all skill levels constructed of crushed rock and screened soil that’s constantly milled onsite. The users of the facility can range from very young novices to pros brushing up for a competitive season.


Popkum Motor Park  will be the first of its kind in BC, and perhaps all of Canada, to offer a dedicated Enduro-Cross/Trials obstacle area. When it opens this spring it will be comprised of terrain that includes boulders, logs, heavy duty truck and farm equipment tires, concrete cylinders, water obstacles and practically anything else that will blend with the natural environment. “This will make for a challenging and enjoyable place to play,” said Ponuick. Trials riders will be able to use the Enduro-Cross area and also enjoy a variety of obstacles including a man-made boulder field with natural terrain obstacles thrown in to teach throttle and brake control and overall balance.

off-road track suitable for all levels in the Fraser Valley
Popkum Motor Park – Chilliwack, BC

Future plans include the creation of a widespread trails network, including an ATV area, and a development phase that would involve the mountainous landscape on the south side of the park. “The major goal of Popkum Motor Park is to go up that mountain,” said Ponuick. “We want to open up an access road that takes you up the mountain on a safe trail that can be enjoyed by all skill levels. Our goals are to work with municipalities and specific legislative bodies to make this happen and provide a safe place for off-road enthusiasts to play.

“The mountain offers endless miles of untouched terrain for riders and we plan on marking it with degrees of difficulty similar to a ski hill based on the Green, Blue and Black premise. The trails network will accommodate any off-road bike, ATV or side-by-side. Enthusiasts will also be able to rent GPS units (as needed) to ensure that they have a safe, fun experience without the fear of being alone if you are lost in the back country.” 

In 2013 Popkum Motor Park will be offering schools and rider training to encourage new enthusiasts into the sport. “Our focus is getting new blood into this sport and in order to do that we need to provide schools, rider training and bike rentals that allow the complete beginner to show up, get

off-road track suitable for all levels in the Fraser Valley, crushed rock a screened solid milled onsite
Popkum Motor Park – Chilliwack, BC

fitted with gear, a bike and a professional that can teach you how to do it safely,” said Ponuick. “We really promote a family-friendly atmosphere here because at the end of the day we want to get new people into the sport. The people who enjoy this sport are amazing but getting new blood into it is good for all of us, good for clubs, the riders and the industry and overall helps grow the sport.”   

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