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The Salt Lake City Split

    You are heading south of the border. You have been overtaken by a sense of brash derring do inspired by two cans of energy drink and a triple espresso. Your dream is to try lane splitting. Like, right now! Gotta keep moving! Where’s the next Starbucks? You could jump in the deep end of the pool, and we are talking the really deep end, and head to LA. Eight lanes of freeway traffic moving in the same direction as you. So far so good. Eight lanes of freeway traffic moving at 15kph, not so good. However, California was the first state to allow lane splitting and it has been happening for years. You will see motorcycles on the freeway splitting lanes between tractor trailers and Mercedes driving soccer moms and starlets. There are rules but from a casual glance, it seems pretty interpretative by variation. On the other hand many vehicles drivers seem to be aware that a motorcyclist might just be coming up that painted line between lanes on anything between a Gold Wing and a Vespa. Having been there and done that, it can be a little hairy for the uninitiated. Good news! You can now dip your toe into the kiddie pool for lane splitting and head to Utah where the state is allowing a trial lane splitting period on roads with speeds below 45mph – so no  freeway jaunts allowed. If it turns out not to be in the liking of the populace not on two wheels, the law can be repealed in 2022.


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