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The SR/S : A Lot of Zero Appeal

    bro motorcycle sis faired electric bike

    We have to give credit where credit is certainly due. The Zero SR/S ends a chapter as the new faired version of the SR Zero Motorcycles has closed the book on our chagrin through the years regarding the design of electric bikes. There are, of course, many electric bike manufacturers hoping to crack the formula for success and move the electric motorcycle firmly into the mainstream and in doing so have taken the “Cybertruck” approach of knocking the viewer visually senseless in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. It is an approach worth mentioning. But we held Zero Motorcycles to a higher standard simply because the company has a longer and more consistent history than most of the independent electric motorcycle manufacturers and are, without question, one of the leaders in the electric market. It was the tenacity of Zero, exemplified by the company’s ability to survive for 15 years, that likely brought other larger, traditional manufacturers to, or near, the table. The original SR/F released last year we commended for its aggressive, fresh styling and stated that it was longer label an “electric” motorcycle but now simply a motorcycle. Where many manufacturers of electric motorcycle design their bikes to be visually disruptive, Zero has made a continuous progression toward making their bikes look just like any other motorcycle. The faired SR/S completes the journey to normal as the fairing, while a touch conservative, looks just like many other faired bikes. Whether for the good or the bad, the fairing conceals much of the internals and without commenting on the lack of an exhaust, the Zero has, at least visually, joined the fold. The challenge now becomes the price of the bikes. Whether the high cost can be overcome, or embraced by consumers, is what will determine the trend going forward

    bro motorcycle sis faired electric bike.

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